Is your VW due for servicing? Tired of astronomical main dealer pricing?

Need to speak with the actual Technicians who work on your vehicle?  


Tektronic are skilled, experienced VAG VW specialists. We are an independent workshop, we solve hundreds of technical queries each year ranging from simple service issues to major component replacements.

We are “Pass through” approved and a dealer capable VAG Diagnostics specialist - This means regardless of your issue we can diagnose, replace and program all aspects of your vehicle in house!

Worth noting that our service and repair methods exceed manufacturer's requirements and yes, your manufacturer's warranty remains intact!

Automatic gearbox ? We are also an in-house Automatic specialist - We service diagnose and rebuild all types of Automatic gearbox- Even “sealed for life” transmissions- Your vehicle should have a transmission service every 2 years or 40K- Avoid expensive Repairs and replacement by having your transmission serviced ! 

Call us and experience a better service!