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Modern cars now require “ Pass Through” via the vehicle manufacturers website that requires licensing, equipment and training to carry out coding, programming and increasingly almost every aspect of diagnostic fault clearing. Tektronic are in effect main dealer capable in this respect

At Tektronic our first promise is to always provide you with excellent customer service. We realise that understanding the problem is half the battle with any car repair. We give you the proper diagnosis the first time, so you don’t have to worry or pay for services that you don’t need. That type of precision is always found here at Tektronic.




Its partnership of experience, the correct diagnostic equipment, software and support platforms –

Here at Tektronic we use systems and remote support similar to that enjoyed by the dealer networks, allowing us to deal with the simplest and the complex nuances that cause your vehicle to “fault out.”

We understand it’s more than frustrating to suffer total or partial breakdown, more so to have wasted good time and money only keep experiencing the same problem!